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Deaf-Blind Awareness


All podcasts can be accessed on Soundcloud, or iTunes (linked below). It’s free to sign up and listen. We hope you enjoy them!

Episode 01

Clara Berg is the president of NFADB. She shares her experiences and journey with her son, Kenny, an individual who is DeafBlind. Clara served as a Family Specialist for the New York State DeafBlind Project.

Episode 02

Author and expert Robbie Blaha has worked with students who are DeafBlind for more than thirty years. She has been the teacher of the teacher, the voice of reason, and a leader in the field of miracles. I hope you enjoy our conversation.

Episode 03

Carly Fredericks is the mother of Ava. She discusses her experiences with raising an individual with Usher Syndrome. She shares how Ava continues to self advocate for herself for educational services and in life.

Episode 04

Melanie Knapp is a force in the DeafBlind community. She is a retired RN and past president of DBMAT. She lives in the Houston area with her husband, Gary. In this podcast she shares her journey with her son Christian Knapp including great moments of joy, growth, and grief. She shares the legacy that continues from and for her son, the great motivator, Christian Knapp.

Episode 05

Guy and JoAnn Priddy share Brett’s success story. Brett talks about his building blocks that led to his business. Together they build a community outside of the school system. After listening to Brett, Guy, JoAnn, you will understand how they were able to build a network of relationships.

Episode 06

Mother and entrepreneur extraordinaire, Sherry Kopaska is here to share her journey with her daughter, Jackie. Together they have launched Jackie K Bags, a success story of customized employment. Get your notepad ready. You will enjoy this conversation.

Episode 07

Vivecca Hartman lives in the Houston area with her family and has an active role in the DeafBlind community. She is the current president of DBMAT and a board member of the Touchbase Dayhab in Houston, Texas.

Special thanks to Dr. Stephanie Smith for sharing her vision, time, and dedication to completing this Podcast project!

OUR MISSION:  NFADB exists to empower the voices of families with individuals who are DeafBlind and advocate for their unique needs.


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