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The National Family Association for Deaf-Blind (NFADB) is the largest national nonprofit organization empowering families with individuals who are Deaf-Blind.

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What is Deaf-Blind?

What does the term "Deaf-Blind" mean?  The answer to this and other questions are here.

What is Deaf-Blind?

What NFADB Believes

NFADB believes that individuals who are deaf-blind are valued members of their communities and should have the same opportunities and choices as others in the community.


They became "official" on October 1st . . .  so help us Welcome them!


Board Member - WELCOME!!!

live in Miami, Florida and I am the Mom to two beautiful boys. My youngest son was born with DeafBlindness and CHARGE Syndrome. I have joined the NFADB board to give back to this amazing community that has empowered me to become a passionate advocate for not only my son but the DeafBlind Community as a whole. In addition to being a part of the NFADB Board I am the CHARGE Syndrome Foundation Co-State Liaison for the State of Florida and a F2FC Family Call Facilitator. I am also a founding member of the family run organization, Family Partners for the DeafBlind of Florida and the Virgin Islands, we are a NFADB Affiliate that provides support to families who have a child or loved one with DeafBlindness. 


Board Member - WELCOME!!!

live in Weymouth, MA, just south of Boston, MA, with my husband and family.  We have seven children, including a set of twins.  One of our twins has CHARGE Syndrome.  Although he has usable vision and hearing, the combination of dual sensory loss greatly impacts his ability to navigate adult life.  I joined the NFADB Board not only to learn more about what I can do to assist Justin, but also to help reach other families who need support. 


Board Member - WELCOME!!!

I live in Kansas City, Missouri.

I've advocated for and created art with deaf-blind persons for more than 20 years at Alphapointe.org and as the Special Rappoteur for the Greater Kansas City Deaf-Blind Collaborative.


Board Member - WELCOME!!!

I am from Syracuse, NY and received my B.S. from Syracuse University in Education and psychology. I currently live in Austin, TX where I work as a classroom teacher for students who are DeafBlind at the Texas School for the Blind and Visually Impaired. I am in my final year of obtaining my M.Ed. in Special Education, my certification for Teacher of Students with Visual Impairments as well as my graduate certificate as a Teacher of Students who are DeafBlind at Texas Tech University. I am passionate about family engagement for the field of DeafBlind education and listening to the stories of individuals who are DeafBlind. I am honored to serve as a professional member of NFADB and have the opportunity to work towards more inclusive opportunities for the many members of the DeafBlind community and their families.

Supporting families to ADVOCATE for services

Helping families CONNECT for support

Providing information and training to TEACH families and professionals

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In Memoriam

It is with great sorrow that we share the news that our dear friend and Special Advisor of NFADB, Steve Perreault, passed away. Steve was instrumental in the development of NFADB and a longtime supporter of families with individuals who are deaf-blind. Steve was a kind, caring friend to all and will be dearly missed by our deaf-blind community.

In his honor, NFADB is proud to announce

The Steve Perreault Award

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The National Family Association for Deaf-Blind (NFADB) is pleased to spotlight Lisa Lopatofsky and family 

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Find out about specialized resources for Deaf-Blindness in your state.

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OUR MISSION:  NFADB exists to empower the voices of families with individuals who are deaf-blind and advocate for their unique needs.


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